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The crew has kept busy today, getting ready for the big storm that is supposed to come in tomorrow and Friday.  Tackroom leaks to be fixed, hay tarps to be checked, drainage ditches to be cleared, firewood to be cut . . . well, maybe that last isn’t exactly storm-centered, but it’ll be nice to have dry firewood when the storm’s over.

Yesterday and today, we’ve just had fog.  Real, authentic tule fog . . .


. . . but not as dense as some.  We’ve seen it so thick that not even the arena fence was visible.  Still, it was enough that there were school delays yesterday.  None today, though; you could almost hear the disappointed moans from kids — and teachers.  We’ve been there; we know.

All of the forecasters seem to agree that this is going to be an intense, rain-laden storm.  The only problem is that there have been a couple of predictions for a 100% chance of rain.  In our experience, when they get that confident, very often Mother Nature gets peeved . . . and the storm blows right on over us.

Be nice, Mother Nature.  We need you.


Posted December 10, 2014 by stablewoman in Weather

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