Sarah’s Trailer   1 comment

Yes, we bought granddaughter Sarah a travel trailer.  It’s a nice one . . .


. . . with plenty of room for her belongings.  It even has a desk for studying.  I’m not sure how much traveling it will do, but it frees up the living quarters horse trailer for trips to the beach.  And she won’t have to hang her clothes in the tack room.

It’s used, but in beautiful shape.  It was said to have belonged to the parents of the head mechanic at the dealer, but whether or not, it’s really, really clean.

The place is full again, and running over.  We’re boarding about two hundred ninety horses now, with more wanting to come in.  Billy’s sons have really stepped up to the plate and done a great job of keeping things going while he’s down.  There’s another storm coming in, so they’re checking that the hay tarps are all tied down, and mending leaks.  So much of the boarding business is maintenance — and forethought.  That’s what Billy’s taught them.



Posted December 9, 2014 by stablewoman in Around the Ranch

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  1. OOOOOh Boy! The trailer has an awning. Perfect for summer get togethers! Great idea and so happy for Sarah…and her clothes! =)Elizabeth

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