Peaches’ Smooches   2 comments

Well, the weather changed, all right.  It’s two-thirty, and we’ve probably gotten better than a third of an inch.  It may keep on raining right through Thursday.  Miles on Channel 29 thinks that El Nino has finally started to kick in.

Sounds good to us.

After posting that picture of Peaches kissing Honey a few days ago, I went back through my archives and found a few more of Peaches’ smooches.

Here she is again, about to kiss Honey.  Note the tongue.



Here she’s kissing (or being kissed by) Zena.


Here she’s offering Gambler a kiss.  Note the tongue.


Gambler consented to the smooch.


She was even willing to offer this oriole a kiss, but the birdie wouldn’t hold still long enough.


There are others, but it’d take a while to find them.  Peaches is a very affectionate dog, even for a Golden.  But I’m afraid she’s fickle.

Billy and I are appreciating the rain — mostly by napping — so I’d better get back to that important rainy-day activity.  We’ve got three dogs joining us, so the house smells rather strongly of damp dog.  But in a drought, even that’s a wonderful aroma!


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2 responses to “Peaches’ Smooches

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  1. Peaches and Horsies make my blood pressure go down and my soul happy! Thank you so much! love to you and Billy in the recliner! Elizabeth

  2. I want a smooch from Peaches.

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