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A couple of days ago, I took a picture of the liquidambar tree, and it looked like this:


It didn’t seem as if there was a lot of wind in the night, but when I looked out this morning, it looked like this:


Most of those pretty leaves were on the ground.  Of course, that means you can get close-ups.


One of the nicest things about liquidambar trees is the variety of color one tree can give you — everything from deep burgundy to clear yellow.  Sometimes on one leaf . . .


The falling leaves and fast-moving clouds seem to show that the forecasts for an incoming storm might be right.  We hope so; but no two forecasts are alike.  Not even close.  I just noticed an elderly and sedate horse go sailing around the arena at a run, though.  That’s a good sign of a weather change.

Everything is going well around here, right now.  I even managed to get to Barnes and Noble, and do some grocery shopping.  Billy’s back seems to be improving.  He’s down to one prescription painkiller a night, and an occasional over-the-counter pill.  Our stomach flu seems to be about gone, as well.  Maybe I’ll be able to get out and visit the horses soon — unless rain keeps us inside.

And that would be all right, too!


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