Peaches and Honey   1 comment

Peaches continues her campaign to smooch every horse on the place.  Here’s her latest conquest . . . isn’t it nice they match so closely?

“Wouldn’t you like a kiss?  I’m sitting on this nice stump to make it easier!”


“Here we go . . . ”


“Awww.  We’re friends now!”


A couple of times, Peaches’ “kiss” has been closer to a nip from her horsey pal, but she is unfazed.  I guess she knows it’s the duty of a Golden Retriever to make friends with everybody she meets. These nice pictures, by the way, are from friend Jennifer.

Billy and I are still fighting off the stomach bug we picked up, but we’re much better.  People have been sending us lots of food — Thanksgiving, after all — and it’s been nice not to have to cook for a while.

He’s still flat on his back most of the time, but taking very few painkillers now.  A fractured vertebra at age eighty-one is going to  take a while to heal.  He’s able to keep up with the books, though, which gives him something to do.  I, of course, am not at all short of things to do!



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  1. Awwwww!!! Absolutely adorable!

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