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No, I’m not going down the trail.  At least, not yet.  But Sarah took Bella out on the trail yesterday, all by herself, for the first time.  (Or should that be themselves?)  Anyhow, here’s the proof.


Just look at Bella’s cute widdle fuzzy ears, and bright silvery mane.

And in this shot, Sarah’s light, strong hands — with embellishments, of course.


Sarah said that Bella did “awesome”, with no spooking at all; nor did she hurry home.  That’s great; she was a nervous, jittery filly for so long.  It’s got to be scary to be an itty bitty pony in a big world.  Sarah gave her confidence.

It was a beautiful day out there, and there is fall color by the river, like this gleaming yellow cottonwood.


Kitty and I will be out there yet.  It’ll be a while, though; to top everything else off, Billy and I have both come down with some kind of stomach but.  He had it first, then I got it from him.  It’s been miserable, and we’ve both been able to eat very little — and lost most of that.  We’re getting better, but our stomachs tell us we’d better watch it.  Luckily, boarder Jennifer brought us all kinds of groceries today, sent by boarder Lisa  F. The fresh fruit went down especially well.  How great to have boarders who are friends as well . . . and wonderful people.

We’ll make it yet.


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