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To begin with, my Billy is doing pretty well.  He has very little pain from his back as long as he stays nearly flat in his recliner.  He’s having some problems with his insides, but that is undoubtedly due to the painkillers, and he has cut way back on those.  We’re hanging in there.

We had a family conference today, and we laid out everything to his children.  There’s a lot they need to know to keep this place going the way it has for so many years (almost exactly seventy) and they are willing to take it on.  I really don’t know what all of our boarders would do if we had to shut down.  There’s really no place for them to go — not nearly three hundred of them.  Well, two hundred seventy-seven at last count.  We are completely full.

Billy was pleased and proud today to get a call from a photographer.  She had heard that we had a “beautiful stable” and that we would allow pictures to be taken.  She wanted to know if a) it was all right for her to do the same, b) if she needed a reservation, and c) how much we charged.  The answers were yes, no, and nothing.  Light and air are still free, at least around here.

Our stable is a practical place, not intended to be beautiful, but the photographer who has been coming here has been getting some really nice shots by selecting carefully.  There were some wedding shots in the paper lately, and I didn’t realize they were taken here.  Billy did, though.

I take pictures here, too, though I haven’t gotten very far lately.  I did take some of the liquidambar tree today.  It’s finally burst forth in color . . .





It’s never really been the same since the big fire a year ago last May, but it’s like us; it’s hanging in there.


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