Keeping Busy   3 comments

Billy is doing well, and having very little pain.  However, keeping it that way takes a lot of time; so this blog might be pretty intermittent for a while.

But here are a couple of November flowers I did find time to capture.  First, a little pink rose . . .


A couple of weeks ago, I trashed a petunia that had apparently croaked.  Passing the garbage can, though, I found it blooming happily among drifts of Peaches’ sheddings.


There must be a moral there somewhere!


Posted November 22, 2014 by stablewoman in Flowers

3 responses to “Keeping Busy

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  1. Hi I was reading your blog and saw the picture of your horse and the brand mark. I read that you were curious about the brand. So I looked it up at this link I saw a brand that looked the same, registered to Sinton James of Shandon CA who has a website Shell Creek Vineyards. I do not know if they breed horses. But it might be interesting to know if they were the breeders of your mare. Best Regards and thanks for a great blog. I am located in Southern Cal.

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