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The smog has cleared out, and we are getting some beautiful fall days.  Everyone is taking advantage of the weather, including the Three Amigos — Sarah, Aggie, and Bella.


I just realized — they all three are girls who have “people” names, even the human-type person.

Here are another trio of ladies out and about, but only one of them is not a human — Peaches.  Does that count as a people name?


Anyway, they are all enjoying the morning, too; and Peaches is fascinated by that baby.

Billy is getting along pretty well, but looking forward to having his visit to the surgeon over with.  David is running around trying to collect all of the x-rays and MRIs, which seems to be a lot more difficult than you’d think.  Meanwhile, I’m helping to make out all of those pages of forms that have to be completed before a doctor even lays eyes on you.  I’m pretty well read, but there’s a lot of those conditions that Billy doesn’t have that I never heard of; and can’t pronounce, either.

I suppose if he did have them, I’d know what they were.

I was sound asleep last night, when a dog stepped on my head, and then danced around.  Not one of our dogs, but granddaughter Christina’s pup Mimi.  She came over with Scott, lost track of him, and was afraid to try to get home on her own.  She spent the evening hours curled up in a disconsolate little ball by our door.  I felt sorry for her, but didn’t realize what the problem was.  Then, about three in the morning, she figured out the doggie door and joined Peaches and me on the bed.  I might not even have known she was there, except she heard another dog barking outside, got wildly excited, and tried to climb out through the window.  That was when she stepped on my head.  I’m afraid I wasn’t too sympathetic, and kicked her out.

At least she didn’t try to jump on Billy, asleep in his comfortable recliner.  Except when he heard me yelling at Mimi.

And yes, she did make it back home safely.


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  1. They are my fav but what is going on with Kody? And Duffy?

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