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I’m still working on navigating around my reloaded computer.  Everything is just a little bit different, especially my much-prized picture collection.

I’m going to see if I can find and open a couple of sunset pictures I just downloaded, the first since the wipe.  Here goes . . .


And another . . .


Well, they weren’t where I expected them to be, but I did find them and get them downloaded.  Now to figure out how to get them to where I actually want them to be . . . sigh.

On the other hand, things are a lot better than they were a few days ago, when the only thing I could see on the monitor was a wildly jigging pointer.  Little by little, the computer is getting back under control.

Things around here are mostly under control, too.  I’ll be glad when Billy’s appointment with the orthopedic surgeon is past.  At least we’ll know more about where we’re going.  Luckily we’ve had no big problems lately, at least none that require him to get out and do something.  With all of the horses and owners around here, that’s pretty remarkable in itself.


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