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We were just about to go to bed last night.  I had just turned out the lights when Peaches, draped across the back of the sofa as usual, lifted her head and growled.  At almost the same moment, Billy said, “There’s someone out there!  Someone just went past on the lawn!”  It took me a few seconds to find the big light, and then I went out and flashed it around the yard.  Nothing in sight.  Billy, meanwhile, was on the phone to Scott and William (aka Grandson Billy).  When they arrived, I went back and grabbed my shotgun, and was poking it into the outside bathrooms when Sarah came out of her trailer to see what was going on.  By the time I had explained, Scott and William were back, having poked into every corner of the yard and outbuildings.  Nothing.  Whoever it was must have really made tracks.

We’ve been keeping the dogs in the evening, because of their tendency to bark at anything that moves.  I think we’ll reconsider that; they certainly would have let us know that someone was prowling around that close.  It should be pretty easy to tell whether they’re barking at a raccoon in the river bed or a human in the yard.  I’m sure they’ve discouraged other wanderers from coming too close to the house.  There have always been transients roaming around, day and night.  Most of them are harmless, and this one probably was, too.  Nonetheless, he was entirely too close.

I thought I might be too keyed up to sleep, but I dropped off fairly quickly.  The dogs were out, but Peaches arrived sometime during the night and flopped onto the bed.  Xena, on the other hand, watched all night and barked a couple of times.  They were only half-hearted yaps, though, so I figure those were Raccoon Alarms.

This morning, I spent some time looking for tracks, but the ground is pretty hard.  The only fresh ones I found were mine, which isn’t very useful.

I bet I looked pretty funny, in nightgown, slippers, and shotgun.

In less exciting news, I finished another knitted project.  This one I’m calling the Rustic Shawl.


It wasn’t supposed to get finished; I was just working out an idea.  But I kept going a little farther, wanting to see how the colors would turn out.  I ended up with a large scarf or a small shawl — or maybe a sharf.  Or a scrawl.


I think I might give blocking it a try.  It’ll be interesting to see how much it grows.

And I can wrap it around my shoulders the next time I go charging out into the night.


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