It’s Nasty Out There   1 comment

If there’s a good time to be pretty much housebound, this is it.  The weather out there is really ugly.  Not stormy, nor even windy; both of those would be great.  No, it’s stagnant.  An ugly grayish haze hangs over the valley.


It looks quite different from the rainclouds of just over a week ago, or an honest fog.  These pictures were taken about one o’clock, long after a real fog would have burned off.


At least the unhealthy air quality — we’re all being warned to stay indoors, no problem — can’t be blamed on fireplaces.  It’s been in the upper seventies.  I can’t imagine anyone wanting a fire.

I’ll get all of my complaining out of the way at one time.  My stovetop is still busted, with no sign of a replacement.  The vacuum cleaner isn’t working right.  I just got a jury duty notice in the mail, and a driver’s license renewal notice.  I have to go in and take the written test an eye exam this time.  Billy points out that he’ll make a good excuse for the jury duty; a sign that he’s feeling much more chipper.

Still, these are pretty small problems compared to other people’s.  For example, one of our long-time boarders, Chet Wright, has passed away of a massive heart attack.  It was a shock.  He was 76, I think, but in great shape.  He has three horses here, one elderly gelding and two young mares.  For now, they’ll be staying here, until the grieving family decides what to do.

On the good news side, Billy’s feeling much better and making his rounds again!  It’s just not the same around here without him in his faithful pickup checking everything several times a day . . .


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  1. It’s the story of “Roberta and the Horrible, No Good, Rotten Day!” ‘Sorry to hear about Chet. Your photos of our particulate and pollution are timely. I haven’t wanted to post my outdoor scenes photos recently because I feel sad looking at them…and it just validates the reasons that our kids don’t want to live in Bakersfield, and why they don’t think we should either. I’m looking forward to seeing Billy out and about:-).

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