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Billy and David are on their way to the doctor right now, for the second time today.  No emergency — they decided to take X-rays of Billy’s back, just in case.  They’re going to give him a shot beforehand, so he ought to be comfortable for the rest of the day.  They couldn’t do it on the first trip, because he had taken one of his Super Advils for the ride.  I sure hope they can give him something that will speed his recovery.

It’s been necessary for me to stay close this last week.  This has given me a lot of time for projects.  I finished my blue ripple today, and it’s turned out nicely.


It’s a good size for snuggling in a recliner; long enough to cover your toes and still come up to your chin.  It’s already been washed once, because Xena found it in my recliner, and thought it was perfect for her to snuggle in, too.  Unfortunately, she was pretty muddy at the time.  Sigh.  Maybe I’ll have to make her one, too. I haven’t decided who this one is for, but definitely not the dogs.


The first picture was taken with my Canon Powershot, the second with the iPhone 4.  The iPhone seems to have captured the turquoise and aqua shades better, but they both look nice.  I might do another one, leaving out the paler shades and white.



Posted November 7, 2014 by stablewoman in Needlework

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