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I haven’t been able to get out very much lately, so I spent a little time looking through old pictures again.  I was looking at autumn pictures, especially, because the leaves here haven’t shown much sign of turning yet.  I was comparing other years, and sure enough, things were different.

Here, for example, is a branch on the liquidambar tree on November 8 of 2006, almost exactly eight years ago.


Here are some leaves on the ground, taken at the same time.


Aren’t they gorgeous?  Now I think I’ll save this draft and  go take a picture of the tree today . . . back in a bit.

I’m back.  Here’s the liquidambar today.


There’s one or two colorful leaves . . . but a lot of dead branches and leaves, and a notable lack of pinkelponkers.  (If you haven’t read this blog for long, pinkelponkers are the burr-like seed capsules of the liquidambar; at least one name for them.  They’re also a word I love to say . . . pinkelponkerspinkelponkerspinkelponkers . . .)

There’s not much color on the ground, either.


I did find one fairly nice leaf.


What does all this mean?  Well, that it’s been a warm autumn, for one thing.  That the tree has been stressed, both by the drought and last year’s fire.  And that we’re a long way from a nice crisp frost.

Also that I have way too much time on my hands lately!  Billy is a little better every day, though, so we’ll both be out and about before too long.


Posted November 6, 2014 by stablewoman in Around the Ranch, Nature

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