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Weston was by today to visit Great-grandpa and Grandma.  His eyes, so far, are still blue . . .


He wasn’t too impressed with the hat Great-grandma had made for him.


I’m not sure how he felt about being Mickey Mouse with Mama Ciera for his first Halloween.


It looks like he might be saying, “Get me out of here!  I wanted to be Donald Duck!”


I haven’t gotten down to see him lately, so it was nice to have him come by.  It’s been hard to get away, with Billy still down with his back.  He was doing better, then this morning he slipped and fell backward in the shower.  He wasn’t hurt, but stuck like a cork in a bottle.  It took both Scott and Young Billy (or William) to get him pried out.  It didn’t do his back any good, but he seems to be better this afternoon.  It looks like we got lucky.

I’m sticking close, though.  I didn’t even go to Barnes and Noble this morning!  And the next time he showers, I think I’ll have Scott stand by, just in case.


Posted November 2, 2014 by stablewoman in People

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