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I’m having to stick close to home for a few days — poor Billy’s down with a bad back.  He’s been to the doctor, and is much more comfortable now with a shot and a prescription.  It’s just muscular, but very painful.  Anyone who knows him knows how hard it is to keep him from doing his rounds, checking every horse several times a day — or night.

He’s feeling much better, but until he gets more mobile, I’m staying where I can keep an eye on him.  Meanwhile, I’ve been working on a second ripple afghan, this one in blue and turquoise only.


I started it this summer, when the first one got too hot and heavy.  Then this one did too, so it’s a good thing the weather has changed.  It’s smaller than the other one, more of a lap blanket.

The colors are worked from dark to light, trying to suggest ocean waves breaking in the shallows.  Now it’ll go from light to dark, to finish.  It’s more practical to have dark colors at the ends — they tend to get dragged around.

The weatherman is still predicting rain for the weekend.  It’ll be so nice to go for a trail ride, with everything smelling clean and sweet, and the dust tamed underfoot.  We’ll see . . .





Posted October 30, 2014 by stablewoman in Needlework

2 responses to “Housebound

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  1. Please tell Billy we are thinking healing thoughts for his back and the afghan is beautiful!

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