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The little mini horse that was visiting went on his way this morning.  As I understand it — I didn’t get to talk to the ladies too much — he’s on his way to join a group of driving enthusiasts who are planning to drive to Florida.  Drive their horses, that is.  It seems they are going to haul them to a gathering point, drive a certain distance and meet someone who will care for the horses while they go back and fetch their RVs and trailers, and drive those back to join up with their horses.  Then they will do it again — all the way to Florida.

It sounds awfully complicated, but they must have planned carefully.  I know long-distance rides like this have been done on horseback, but the wagons and carriages add a new element.

I believe the mini is not planning to do the whole thing, since the company includes everything from draft horses on down, but will do the stages best suited to his size.  That seems reasonable; he’d be taking three or four strides for every one of the big horses’.

The best of luck to them, and good weather, too.

It’s beautiful weather here, and the salvia is still heavy with bloom.


The hummingbirds really appreciate it, and so do the bumblebees.  I haven’t been able to catch them in the act of feeding, though.

And there’s rain in the forecast — for Halloween!  Talk about trick or treat . . .


Posted October 28, 2014 by stablewoman in Flowers

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