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There was a wreck up on Manor yesterday.  Luckily no one was hurt.  We missed it entirely, and might have never known what had happened if Marion hadn’t seen it.

Someone must have dumped a box with a mother dog and a litter of pups — right by the side of the road.  The pups got out in the traffic lanes, and a car braking for them was hit from behind by a second vehicle.  It appeared that no one was hurt, but the frightened pups made for a traffic hazard.  No one wants to run over a puppy — well, no one except the kind of person who would dump them in the first place.

The fire department arrived, and spent some time trying to catch them.  They were frightened, the brush was thick — in short, it wasn’t easy.


I don’t know how many they caught, if any.  Later that day a boarder leading a horse through told us that there was a pack of dogs down by the bridge, scaring the horses.  Billy drove down there.  He saw nothing, but could hear what sounded like small dogs barking.  It could have been the pups, or the small feral pack from across the river.  At any rate, we haven’t seen anything of them today.  I took Kitty and rode around down by the bridge, and there was no sign of dogs.  Well, not counting mine. running in enthusiastic circles.  I’m sure they would have let me knowif they had found any sign of strangers.

I suppose people who dump dogs figure they are doing them a favor by not taking them to the pound, but they’re really condemning them to an unpleasant end.  It just takes a little longer.


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