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The days are much shorter now.  It’s kind of nice to get up and see the dawn . . .


. . . without exactly getting up any earlier.  6:30 is our rising time, pretty much all year.

It’s been a frustrating few days.  I made our first big pot of Two-day Vegetable Soup for the year.  That was good; but somehow I didn’t notice I had laid a black plastic ladle down on the burner until much later.  When I did, I thought the melted residue was just a bit of burned food, and scraped it enthusiastically with a knife.  I chipped the glass top of the electric stove

Gotta have a new one . . .

Then we had a horse get loose yesterday.  Not just any horse, but a flighty mare that is nearly impossible to catch.  Something spooked her, and she hit her stall gate so hard she broke the chain and got loose.  The gate, though, was jammed open, so we couldn’t shoo her back in and close it.  I jumped in the Beetle and went to get some WD-40 to spray on the hinges.  That worked, and, with a lot of cooperation from bystanders, we got her back in safely.  But . . . as I got back in to the Beetle, the passenger side window sighed down.  The bouncing around in the ruts had broken the window mechanism — again.  It had been repaired at the dealer about a year ago, and we just had the driver’s side window repaired by our local (excellent; Hudson’s on Roberts Lane) mechanic.

Gotta have a new one . . .

The Beetle has been a great little car otherwise, but I don’t think we’ll get another.  It’s been an expensive few days, too.

I bought Billy three new winter shirts today.  He insists the old ones are just fine, despite an assortment of large holes.  “But they’re nice and soft,” he insists.  Sorry, Billy; but these are nice soft flannel, too.  And they don’t have holes.

Winter is coming . . . haven’t I heard that before, somewhere?

Posted October 20, 2014 by stablewoman in Weather

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