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I was looking through old photos again, and found a few I don’t think I’ve posted.  They are from the San Antonio Mission endurance ride in 1978.  I’ve featured some other photos from this ride, but not these.  (That must have been a busy photographer!)

The first one is of me, on my Arab filly Tess.  I think this was her first ride.  Since she would have been four, we only went on the twenty-five mile ride.  With us is Ferrabie’s daughter June, on her Welsh gelding Wonder.  I bred him, and he was one good little horse.  He made it, although he certainly wasn’t one of the faster entries.


I was a lot thinner in those days, but not hunchbacked as my billowing windbreaker makes me look.  This was near the start of the ride, and we were flying, trying to get away from the pack.

The second is daughter Suzanne, on her mare Trina.  She was a big handsome mare, and she and Suzanne did everything from endurance to jumping.  As you can see, they too could fly!


I rode her at times, but we didn’t get along too well.  She was spooky, and threw me on my rump more than once.  I sure wouldn’t want to have that happen today.  I don’t bounce any more.

We had another interesting night.  Billy made his usual round, checking everything around midnight.  He kept smelling smoke, and thought he had found the source.  Someone had started a fire in a barrel.  He made sure it was out, then came back and went to sleep.

About four this morning, the phone rang.  A couple loading their horses for a trip had found the real source.  It was a manure fire, doubtless started by someone throwing down a cigarette in dry manure.  We get those once in a while, and they usually smoulder but don’t spread.  The wind last night, though, kept this one moving.  It had traveled quite a way before it was discovered and put out.

I say this about once a week — never a dull moment.  At least the crew got the hole in the fence from last week’s wreck fixed.  I wonder what’ll be next?



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