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One of the most interesting parts of riding out is watching the dogs.  Xena and Peaches are such different characters, yet both of them have a body language that’s easy to translate.

Just look at this exchange from a couple of days ago.  I, as usual, will provide the translation from the Dog.


Peaches:  “Don’t you want to jump in like me?  It’s really fun!”  Xena:  “No thanks!  I’m fine right here.”  Peaches:  “Look!  I’ll show you how!”


Peaches:  “WHEEE!”


Peaches:  “See?  Wasn’t that cool?”  Gena:  “GRRRR!”


Gena:  Did you see what she did to me?  Aren’t you going to do something about it?”  Peaches:  “I think I’ll be going now . . .”

Me:  “I’m staying out of this one!  Kitty, can you handle it?”

Just look at Kitty.  I’m sure she gave them wise advice.


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