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Weekend nights always seem to be especially busy.  Friday night, for example.

First, we had a horse with diarrhea.  This is usually due to a minor digestive upset, but we brought her over to the sick pen and notified her owner.  She arrived quickly, and the horse settled down and began eating normally — and producing lumps instead of squirts.  Billy would get up and check her during the night, but it looked as though she would be all right.  (And she was.)

He went out to check her and make a round about eleven-thirty, and came back in a hurry.  We had a major water leak on the other side.  He routed out the help, and they got a temporary fix on it by one 0’clock or so.

About four o’clock, the dogs started barking.  A group of riders had come by.  Usually this is no problem — but at four o’clock in the morning?  He got in the pickup and went after them.  It turned out that they were ours, and had just felt like a ride in the wee hours of the morning.

We got back to sleep, until six-thirty.  One of the boarders came knocking at the door.  There was a fire downriver, and it looked like a big one.

Yep, it did.




It was on the island where transients like to camp.  It burns regularly, and since there was almost no wind near the ground, it wasn’t likely to spread.  The fire department arrived, and it dwindled and died quickly.

We’re both hoping for a good nap today.

Or maybe even more than one.


Posted October 11, 2014 by stablewoman in Events

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