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I did post yesterday; at least, I thought I did.  Unfortunately, I forgot to click the little “Publish” button.  Oops!  Oh, well; here it is at last.


Sarah and Bella were out there working this morning.  They make a good-looking duo, whether trotting around . . .


Or just chillin’.  Bella has always been a rather nervous, reactive little thing.  It’s nice to see her so relaxed.  Sarah really has the horseman’s (or -woman’s) touch.


In other news, we had a break-in on the other side night before last.  It was a peculiar one; the locks were gone from two tackrooms, but nothing was taken.  Did they decide saddles were too heavy to pack off?  Or did they just want to know if there was anything in there worth stealing?  It’s hard to say.  Billy went out about three this morning and drove around the place, looking for signs of intruders.  Before he left, he told me to call 911 right away if I heard shots, or his horn honking.  That’ll really keep you awake, waiting for disaster.  Thank goodness he found nothing out of order, and we got back to sleep after a couple of hours.

We do lead interesting lives.


P. S.  He patrolled last night, too.  When he didn’t come back after an hour, I hopped in the Beetle and went looking for him.  He was fine, just sitting in the pickup watching the night.  We didn’t have any intruders, but at least we both got to see the eclipse!


Posted October 8, 2014 by stablewoman in Bella, Horses

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