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I walked out to turn off the sprinkler last night — first water for the lawn for days — and was once more struck by the beauty of the drops clinging to the grass stems.

These aren’t exactly grass stems.  They’re the result of years of feeding birds on the lawn.  I had to give up the practice when pigeons started showing up and chasing off all of the little birds.  The seed sprouted, however, and has given us generations of “birdseed jungle”.  The sparrows adore it, and the hummingbirds perch on it and sway happily back and forth.  And when I water right there, it looks like a composition in jeweled lace.



You can’t get the full effect without motion, though.  Each droplet shimmers through the spectrum as the seed heads quiver in the lightest breeze.  It is beautiful; and created by just water and weeds.

Tonight is my knitting circle, and I’m bringing refreshments.  Since we’re still working on a big box of apples we were given, it’ll certainly include apples — and vanilla ice cream.  I’d better get to work!


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