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It’s not often that I skip blogging for two days, but things have been a bit hectic.  Billy took a fall Friday, while I was out shopping.  He wasn’t hurt (except for a couple of scrapes) but couldn’t get up again by himself.  When I got home, I went for help.  Scott and grandson William got him up again, and he was fine.  I certainly wish I could talk him into using a cell phone — and keeping it in his pocket.  When you’re eighty-one and have bad knees, it would be nice to be able to phone for help.  I’ll just have to check in on him when I’m gone for more than a half-hour or so.

Saturday we had a visitor — one just three weeks old.  Weston and his parents came in for a while.  He is growing eyebrows and lashes, and has the faintly bewildered expression common to the very new.


His eyes are a smoky blue at present, but subject to change without notice.

I was a little startled, bringing in the mail the other day, to discover that he is getting his own letters.  It’ll be a while before he can read them, though.

I discovered the setting that controls the depth of field in Paint Shop Pro.  Very useful when the house is a bit of a mess — but not enough to conceal everything!


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2 responses to “Small Visitor

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  1. Weston is one handsome cowhand!

  2. The Very Old sometimes have the same expression, alas.

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