At the Weirs   Leave a comment

It was a beautiful morning; just right for a ride with Marion.  We decided to cross the river and head for the weirs, after we shook our escort down to only two dogs.

We stopped at a majestic cottonwood for pictures.


If you look closely, you’ll see Peaches peeking around the corner to see why we’re not coming.  The dogs are very patient with us; the horses, not so much.

They don’t like stopping on the weirs very much.  The concrete underfoot and the rushing noise of the waters must be a bit unsettling.  However, they cooperated today, so we could get a good shot downstream.  Or downgreen, anyway.


Not much water was visible.  If we looked upstream, though . . .


. . . it was a lot different.  The big weir gates were almost closed.  Only a trickle was being allowed into the river, and the rest diverted to the canal off to the right.

Here’s a peek at the water that was being let through.  Not very much, but a bit more was being redirected back into the river downstream.


The weather has improved a lot, with a pleasant breeze welcoming us as we turned for home.

Sometimes I think it must seem that Kitty exists only as a pair of red ears, so here she is enjoying a well-earned reward.


See?  She’s red all over!


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