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I went out for a brief ride yesterday, and nearly met disaster; at least, iPhone disaster.

I was riding along as usual, stopping to take pictures every now and then.


It was early enough that the shadows were still blue-tinted.

The younger sycamores were worth a shot . . .


Even Kitty seems to enjoy coming around a bend and catching the glint of water.



A little farther on, we came upon this brilliant fungus.


As we reached a sandy area, we picked up a trot.  Kitty has a very smooth trot, and I was just jogging along, enjoying it, when I heard a thump behind us.  It took only a second to realize what had happened.  My iPhone had fallen out of my pocked, where I had carelessly stuck it.

It had landed in the soft sand, and didn’t appear damaged, but I had to retrieve it.  To do this, I had to get down . . . and back up again.  Now this is no big deal when you are young and skinny, but quite another problem when you’re in your seventies and definitely not skinny any more.  Ordinarily, I get on with the aid of a mounting block that lets me just step into the saddle.  But there were no mounting blocks out here.  I sighed as I stepped off and retrieved my fallen phone.

There were, however, several small rises in a reasonable walking distance.  I led Kitty over to the nearest one, got my foot in the stirrup, and tried to pull myself up.


The second one was steeper.  I pulled the patient Kitty over to it, with the dogs bouncing around wondering what the heck I was doing, and tried again.  I almost made it . . . but accidentally pulled on the near rein enough to make Kitty step away from me.  Failed again.

The third time was the charm, and filled with triumph, I made it into the saddle.  Kitty sighed, and the dogs (I felt) congratulated me.  The iPhone was dusty, but not luckily not damaged.

So . . . everything came out all right.  And I can get on by myself . . . if I can find a suitable hill.


Posted September 23, 2014 by stablewoman in Horses, Riding

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