September Ride, Part II   Leave a comment

On the way home from Friday’s ride, I noticed signs of fall.  The drought has caused a lot of premature leaf fall, but now the trees are beginning to turn naturally.  These willows are by the river, yet they are showing yellow already.


Sycamores here always turn early.  This one had its little burr-like seed balls hanging like ornaments.  The lower leaves seem to turn first.


Our sycamores don’t tend to get a lot of color, either.  But the pale bark and textured leaves still make an attractive picture.  Of course, there has to be a tiny piece of blue plastic.  There’s been a lot of time and effort put into cleaning up the trash on Panorama Vista, but there’s always more coming along.


Amazingly enough, I took several pictures in a row without showing Kitty’s ears or a dog.  That doesn’t happen often.

I don’t think I’d want it to, really.

P. S.  I noticed that this is Post Number 1700.  Wow.  Where does the time go?  Of course, some of it is spent writing all those posts!

Posted September 21, 2014 by stablewoman in Riding

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