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I went for a solo ride yesterday.  I like going out with a friend or friends best — not to mention it’s safest — but once in a while it’s nice to just get out on your own and meditate.

On your own not counting the horse and at least two dogs, that is.

I stopped at one of my favorite places, where the willows form an arch framing a view of the river.



The first picture took quite a bit of tweaking, because I didn’t wait for the fine haze of dust to settle before I took it.

We continued on, into the bright river — which of course, had a dog in it.


Even without a dog, it was worth a picture.  The yellow buttercups and the lavender water hyacinth were blooming yet, despite the nearness of fall.


The colors of the flowers wash out a bit in the bright light; and the pictures of the arch don’t approach the beauty the human eye registers.  It can be done, I know; but it takes a better camera and more experience.  It’s not likely I’ll ever carry an expensive camera on horseback, though.

I wonder how the new iPhone would do . . . .



Posted September 20, 2014 by stablewoman in Dogs, Horses, Kern River, Riding

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3 responses to “September Ride

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  1. It looks beautiful I love the dog in the lake and the glimpse of the horse 🙂

  2. An updated phone, eh? You are slipping down the slippery slope that Apple so loves.

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