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After the pictures of the little Coral Nymph salvia, I went back to the half-barrel that was supposed to hold a variety of salvia species.  The scarlet sage, however, has totally taken over.

You can see why they call it scarlet sage.


This was originally a variety called Forest Fire.  The calyx — the papery part behind the actual flower — was very dark.  With the brilliant flower poking out of it, it did look like flame from the ashes.  It’s reverted to its original form over the generations, but it’s still vividly colored.


While I was crouched over the salvia, Sarah was in the ring ponying Bella.  She (Bella, not Sarah) is a fat little thing, and needs the exercise.


She doesn’t look very thrilled with the idea.  Especially since her breakfast is waiting, only half-eaten.

Bella’s not the only one who needs more exercise.  I hole up when the temperature’s in the 100’s, and don’t get out enough.  This morning was perfect, though, and I saddled Kitty and went for a short ride.  There were other riders out enjoying the milder temperatures, too.  The weather’s beginning to break, and soon there’ll be lots of time for riding.


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