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Is this the laziest dog in the world?  She doesn’t even get clear off the couch to eat.


On the other hand, she did at least stand up on her back end.  It’d be worse if that end was lying down.  Maybe she just doesn’t want to lose her place on the couch to Xena.

Of course, if her owner didn’t put the feed bowl over on the rug, she’d have to walk six feet to get to it.  So would I.  Maybe we’re both lazy . . . thinking about it, there’s no maybe about it.  I know we are.

Xena, on the other hand, is not lazy.  She is picky.  Her food bowl has to be right next to my chair, and I have to stay right there while she eats.  I also have to tell her, “It’s all right, Xena.  It’s for you.”  Otherwise, she just stands there and stares at me with her big golden eyes until I do.  No one taught her to wait for an invitation; she came up with it on her own.  Nobody taught her to be picky, either, but she won’t eat the canned food with gravy.  She’ll also decline it if it’s too greasy, or one of the other dogs has breathed on it, or I’m not watching her eat.

I think I’ve said this before; dogs are peculiar people.

Posted September 16, 2014 by stablewoman in Dogs

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