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Yesterday, I saddled up to go out for a short ride.  It was a (fairly) cool, cloudy morning, with a hint of rain in the air.

Boarders Jennifer and Cheryl were saddling up, too . . .


. . . so we decided to ride out together.  Soon we were on the trail.


We stopped at the “beach” for a picture.


Just then, the dogs spotted a heron peacefully fishing in the shallows, and rushed at it yelling.  It loftily ignored them, but all of the horses did a neat 180 turn — rapidly.


It’s right in the middle here.  Luckily, everybody kept a leg on each side of their horse.

We ambled on home, and got there without getting rained on.  Darn it.  They got a big .01 at the airport, but we had nothing measurable.

Baby Weston is home and settling in, but I’ve been staying out of the way while they work things out.  Andrew was in, and said things were going well.  This evening, I’ll go down there and tap very lightly on the door . . . and tiptoe away if I don’t hear anything.  They’re going to be grateful for every bit of sleep they can get for the next few days.


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