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I’ve been too busy running errands lately to get in much riding.  By the time I get home, it’s too hot.  So I’ve been getting in quite a bit of needlework, instead.

One project has been coming along very quickly.  I saw a blanket online that I really liked — the Coast Blanket by Attic24 .  I didn’t think it was practical to send all the way to England for the yarn she used, but many of the colors were close to those I used in the Faerie’s Garden blanket.  Why not see what I could do with those?

The idea of the Coast Blanket was to use colors reminiscent of the seashore, in random order.  Not only blues, but greens, golds, grays, and aquas — colors of sea, sky, sand, seaweed, and stone.  (Isn’t it interesting how many words about the seashore start with an “s”?)

Here are the results so far.



I think I’ll call it the “Pacific Coast” blanket.  It’s not as pretty as Attic24’s — the yarn is much heavier — but I think it’ll turn out well.

I did get in a good ride this morning.  Kitty and I and the dogs went out with Cheryl and Jennifer.  I took a few photos — I’ll get them downloaded and edited, and post them tomorrow.


Posted September 8, 2014 by stablewoman in Needlework

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