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I started a sprinkler on the lawn yesterday.  I’m using just one sprinkler, and moving it from place to place.  This gives each spot a good watering about once a week.  So far the lawn — or weed patch — is holding up well under this treatment.  It’s never been your picture-perfect grass, especially with several enthusiastic digging dogs around, but it does seem to cool us off.

Anyhow, I stopped to admire the rainbow it made in the sun.


Water does such lovely things with light.  Every little drop has a rainbow at its heart.  Our rainbow, however, does not appear to have a pot of gold at its foot.  It does have the garbage cans at its top, though!

That was yesterday.  Today, we’re awaiting the birth of the latest great-grandchild.  He (it’s a boy) is a bit overdue, and they were planning to induce labor today; but Ciera’s bed was taken by a lady in more urgent need of it.  We’re hoping to hear more soon.  I think Andrew is more worried about the delay than she is, but that seems to be the norm for first-time fathers.

I’ll post if the Big Event comes off today!


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