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It’s not quite a heat wave, but it’s hot enough to put my riding on hold for a few days.  There’s cooler weather coming; each day that passes brings us closer to fall.

Not that I haven’t enjoyed riding Kitty this summer.  Here’s a picture of us Marion took better than a week ago.

menkittyaug21 2

Along the river is about the only green to be seen these days, so it’s nice to get out and see it.  It’s been a long dry season.

There was an interesting letter in the paper today, in the section reserved for complaints.  In it, the writer complained about the poor image given to Oildale in the Californian.  This person thought it all traced back to the floods of ’51-’52, in which the levees on the north bank of the river were holding, while the south bank’s levees were leaking and threatening to give way.  This would have flooded the wealthier areas of town, such as Westchester.  The influential citizens wanted to dynamite the Oildale levee, so the flood would be diverted away from their expensive homes.  (I wonder if this would have been our levee; the same one they’ve been working on this week.)  Anyway, it didn’t come to pass; because people from Oildale took to patrolling the levee to put a stop to any such attempts.  Some say they were heavily armed.

I found it hard to believe that this was the real reason for Oildale’s image, but wondered if the story was correct, so I asked Billy if he remembered the incident.  He would have been seventeen or so at the time, plenty old enough for memories of it.  He said yep, that was pretty much the way he recalled it.

The dam at Isabella was intended to prevent floods such as this, and so far it’s worked well.  We still get water in the low areas of the property in really wet years — part of the ranch was actually an arm of the river.  But there hasn’t been any real flooding.

Not that there’ve been any problems lately, of course!


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