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There’s been work on the flood control levee that forms the northern border of our property.  That happens every few years.  Heavy equipment comes in to clean, scrape, and fill any holes.  After all, it’s essential in case of flooding.  And that is so likely these days.

Anyhow, that was the reason for this behemoth parked in our driveway.


It had been grading the levee that day.  It was parked well out of the way, but caused some surprise on the part of people coming in.  The heavy equipment has been no problem, despite roaring back and forth, but people are curious about what’s going on.

They’ll be done soon, and it’ll be nice to be rid of the weeds and junk that accumulate up there.  Around Oildale, “place to dump your garbage” = “any flat area big enough”.

Floods used to be fairly common along the Kern, until the Isabella dam was built in the fifties.  There’s been worry about its safety lately, as it’s an aging earthen structure built in earthquake country.  Right now, though, there’s not enough water behind it to do more than give us a nice cooling bath, let alone the sixty foot high wall of water predicted if it broke when full.  Our modest levee wouldn’t hold that anyway.

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4 responses to “A Very Large Visitor

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  1. I think you should write a children’s book and use your photographs…can you find the ball? It would be AWESOME! Elizabeth

  2. Good idea, Elizabeth!

  3. I wondered what those big tractors were about. Thanks for telling us!

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