Backlit Lilies   1 comment

I’ve been posting lots of riding pictures, between the moderate weather and Kitty’s cooperative nature.  Today, though, I’d thought I’d feature my efforts to capture the beauty of daylilies backlit by the morning sun.

These are some more of Marion’s red lilies, still blooming bravely in the August heat.  In the first picture, I was trying to get just the right angle, and didn’t notice Billy’s pickup coming up the hill.


A  slightly different angle — and more pickup.


Another shot — and a parked pickup.


Finally I immortalized the pickup, Xena, Billy’s legs — and the very beautiful lilies.


I told him he ruined my composition, but on second thought, they added a certain life to the series!

This morning I crossed the river and rode on the south bank, and I’ll have some of those pictures tomorrow.  Today the flowers got center stage for a change.


Posted August 25, 2014 by stablewoman in Flowers

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  1. I always love your flower photos.
    very pretty!

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