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Marion’s off for a visit with her grandchildren, so I decided to take a solo ride this morning.  We’ve got another heat wave coming, so it’s a good idea to take advantage of the (relative) cool.

We usually ride upriver, so that we can enjoy the sight of Real Live Water.  Today I decided to take a shorter ride, so I crossed the river sand and headed west . . . downriver.  I hadn’t gone that way in ages, and was curious to see how it had changed.


There were signs of drought stress in all of the trees along the way.


The cottonwoods looked pretty good from a distance . . .




Up close, though, you could see the ground carpeted with prematurely dead leaves.


Along about this time, a pack of dogs came boiling out of the bushes, yelling threats.  There were about six of them, but luckily they weren’t very big.  Steady Kitty paid them little heed. but Xena and Peaches hid behind me.  We got past them, and headed on toward Chester.

The closer we got to the bridge, the more signs of humanity we saw.  Not very pleasant ones, either.




That was far enough; it was getting hot.  We turned around and headed back.  At the same spot as before, here came the pack.  I got a shot of some of them.  It’s in focus; a sign that Kitty didn’t find them very frightening.   They kept following, though, barking and growling.


Finally, irritated, I turned Kitty around, let out a yell, and rode at them.  They ran and hid behind a large cottonwood, and decided they had better things to do that day.  I never did see any signs of an owner, but they looked well fed.  There was probably a camp in the bushes somewhere.

When we got home, I didn’t go straight back to the house, but wandered around the ranch for a while.  More about that tomorrow.



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