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Sitting here with nothing particular to blog about, I got to thinking about my old blog, which was on Yahoo! when they did blogs.  When they shut down their blogging service, I never did figure out how to retrieve my old blog entries.  But I still had the pictures saved on my computer.  Some of them were pretty good, so I spent a little time reviewing and re-editing.  Here’s one from ’09, when the river was full.


Here’s one of the last pictures I took of dear old Cider.


And here, if I remember correctly, was the last picture I posted on that old blog.  I was really happy to get those wood ducks, far away though they were.

wood ducks

Maybe I’ll post more of these old pictures from time to time, when there’s not a lot going on currently.  It’s fun to review, remember, and re-edit.  They’re a lot larger than they were originally, too.


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