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It’s been a while since Kitty and I have been out on the trail, but yesterday it was under a hundred — at last!  So I decided to venture out.

I was going to ride with Marion and Janey, but I got a late start and told Marion I’d try to catch up with them.  Of course, Peaches and Xena had to come along.  They thought they could help.


We stopped at the “beach”.


And made another stop at a favorite place upriver.  Peaches is still dripping from her last dip.


Here’s a wider view.  Those sandy spots across the river would be underwater in a good wet year.  Xena is not dripping; she thinks all this swimming is overrated.


I still hadn’t spotted the rest of the crew, so when I was in sight of the weirs, I decided to turn around.  I got one more shot of the river.


That white speck across the river is a hunting egret.  On the post is a wood duck nesting box.  I understand they were used by quite a few wood duck pairs this year.

We climbed out of the river, and I stopped to take a shot of this cottonwood grove.  The remnants of the supermoon are still visible above the trees.


A little farther on, I came through the trees, and there they were.  From left, Marion and EZ, Janey and Canada, and Janey’s granddaughter Emma on Cody.


It was getting hot by then, so we all decided to head for home.  Here we go . . .


It was a good ride, but I think we’re all looking forward to cooler weather, when we don’t have to get out quite so early.

I unsaddled, gave Kitty her shower, had a nice shower myself, and took an even nicer nap.  Not a bad way to spend the day.



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