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I spent some time this morning on my quest for the perfect hummingbird photo.  As usual, the little so-and-sos were too smart for me, though one tiny female did seem to enjoy frustrating me.  Luckily, I speak fluent Hummer (as well as Dog and Horse) so I could tell what she was saying.

“There she is again, trying to look like a statue.  Time for a game of Peek-a-boo!”


“How’s this?  Look at my cute little feet!”


“I guess I could give here one good shot.”


“Naah . . . forget about it.  Maybe tomorrow; I’m busy now.”


Peaches, by the way, is just fine after her scary experience yesterday.  I think she was even more traumatized by her bath, though!


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  1. Roberta, you should submit these photos to a nature magazine or something…they are amazing…Love, Elizabeth

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