(Almost) Squashed Peaches   2 comments

Lori B. came in with Peaches this morning, both of them in a bit of a panic.  Peaches had just been run over by the feed truck.

She had been lying in the road, “helping” the people out there, as she does every morning.  She especially loves to help anyone who brings their breakfast finish it.

Anyway, the feed truck was coming around the corner and everyone was yelling at it to stop and Peaches to get out of the way.  Neither one happened.  Like old Cider, Peaches is just about invisible when lying in the road.  It ran right over here — but not with a tire.  If she had not jumped up, she might have been missed entirely.  As it was, she was grazed by the undercarriage, only.  The truck went all the way over her, and she hotfooted it for the house, barking over her shoulder at the offending vehicle.  Lori was in hot pursuit, trying to tell if she was hurt.

They arrived at the back door at about the same time, and we checked Peaches over for injury.  She was already wagging and bouncing, and seemed pleased with herself for escaping.  We couldn’t find any damage.  She had plenty of grease from the undercarriage, and was pretty smelly.  She had wet herself, and I can’t blame her.  Here she is, greasy but cheerful.


I hope she learned something about getting out of the way, but I’m not sure.  Good old Cider got run over no less than three times in her life.  Perhaps when she gets bathed later today, that will make an impression.  We’re just grateful that she wasn’t hurt.

I’m blogging early today — it was already 92 at 9:30.  I’ll shut down the computer even earlier than I have been.  This may be the hottest day yet!


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2 responses to “(Almost) Squashed Peaches

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  1. Saw the word truck and run over and almost passed out. Peaches is one lucky pup…She is also resilient and beautiful and fun and I would cry buckets if anything happened to that sweet huggy dog! Thank goodness she is no worse for wear as someone says…Love, Elizabeth

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