Yes, It’s July   Leave a comment

Although it’s almost August, which is not much improvement.

I could complain some more about the heat, but that’s gotten kind of redundant.  There’s only so much you can say about days in which it’s 90 by 9:30.  And I refuse to say, “At least, it’s a dry heat,” one more time.

So I’ll show the sunset from last night, instead.


Now that’s worth the trip outside.  I’d like to have it without the arena light, but I wasn’t about to walk that far.

A few minutes later, the golds were fading and the roses and violets taking over, so it looked like this . . .


One good thing (at least for us retired teachers; chortle, chortle) is that back-to-school ads are popping up all over.  That’s a sure sign that summer is drawing to a close!


Posted July 30, 2014 by stablewoman in Weather

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