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Well, only for a few days.  The forecast is for temperatures well over 100 for about ten days, so it’s not likely I’ll get out and ride.  Actually, it’s not the highs as much as the lows that are the problem.  When you step out of the door first thing in the morning and it’s already over eighty — well, it’s discouraging.

Marion and I had a good ride yesterday, though, and here are some of her pictures.  First, here I am, looking at the river.  Yes, there is a river there — it’s just completely covered in buttercups.

jul24 14ride1

Here is a view through EZ’s ears, in which you can see that there is a river under there, after all.

jul24 14ride2

Here is Xena, posing again.  She said she would only pose if we called this shot “Beauty at the Beach”.

jul24 14ride3

She was a little disgruntled because Kitty and I ruined her solo performance.

jul24 14ride4

I’m sure, though, that she’ll forgive us by time for her next modeling session.

Whenever that is . . . sigh.


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