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Yesterday Marion and I joined our friend Janey for a ride.  Janey has a beautiful new horse, a black gelding called Canada, and it was our first time to ride together.  I decided to leave Peaches home because of this, but quiet little Xena went along.

We had a good ride, with no real problems, and at one point Marion decided to take some pictures.  Janey and I would pose for her.

We had a little trouble getting into position . . . watch the dog.


Still not right . . .


Nope . . .


Still nope . . .


“Good grief!  Am I the only one who knows how to pose for a picture?”


Yes, Xena, I think you are.

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2 responses to “Posing for Pictures

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  1. Just to let you know: I steal your photos and post them from time to time on Facebook. Your shawl got like 62 “likes,” which in Facebookland, is amazing. Anyhoo, Mom again. *Sigh* I’ve written this before in different forms, but here’s the first draft for the preface to my book:


    • I read it, and it was wonderful.  We were lucky in many ways, growing up.  It was often hard, but I don’t know that I would give up the good memories to forget the bad ones.

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