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It’s actually under 100, so I got out and rode this morning.  I asked Marion to take a picture when we got back, just to prove it.


I tied Peaches up, as Kitty hadn’t been out in weeks, and I thought she might object to Peaches cavorting through the brush.  It was a good decision, because it was certainly an interesting ride.  Marion and I went out at about eight-thirty, just in time to encounter the hay squeeze zipping out and the rattly empty semi leaving.  We are still getting hay in, and will be for some time.  We stayed out of the way.

We crossed the dry river, and went through Rancho Rio.  There were two loose calves watching us as we passed the cattle pens.  They were small enough to squeeze through the bars, but had no interest in leaving Mum.  Cute little rascals; the kind with white “belts” around their middles.  Maybe we can get their pictures another day.

On down the trail, we passed a crew trimming threes.  Luckily, they were some distance away, across the canal.  The buzz of chainsaws and crash of falling branches still made the horses look, though.  Then we came to the field where the tree-planting project is going on for Panorama Vista.  We had to pass Porta-potties, trenches, trucks — nothing dangerous, but enough to rattle horses’ nerves.

We were planning to cross at the weirs and go back on the north bank, but there was equipment working there, too.  So we turned around and decided to drop down to the trail right by the river.  It was shady and beautiful, but the river, far from dry at that point,  had come up enough that we had to wade in a couple of places.  The water was up to a foot deep and speckled with duckweed.  The horses didn’t really appreciate that, either.  They’re used to water, but inclined to distrust unexpected water.  But Kitty, even when she hasn’t been ridden in a long time, is an excellent trail horse; and EZ is much improved in the last few months.  We forged on without mishap, and arrived home after a good two hours.

All in all, we had a good time, even if it was interesting in the ancient Chinese curse kind of way.  If it stays under 100 — I can hardly wait to do it again.

I don’t know about Kitty, though.  I’m sure she’s glad I’m back on my diet.




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  1. You sit a nice horse, Girlfriend! You and Kitty look great and should be in a “how to” book for those who love horses…this is what you are supposed to look like! Great to see you both out and about! Elizabeth

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