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About the only good thing about a wildfire is that it makes for fiery sunsets.  Last night was no exception . . .




On Saturday night, there were plenty of riders around to appreciate the sunset and the full moon that followed.  Here are a couple riding through.


I was on the computer when I looked out the window and saw the golden clouds, so I hurried out.  Barefoot.  That’s not a good idea if you’re a literal tenderfoot, but I escaped with only a couple a couple of stepped-on rocks.  It was worth it.

Of course, the sunsets aren’t the only worthwhile thing about a wildfire — at least in much of California.  The chaparral brushland needs fire every so often, to clear out the old growth and start seeds sprouting.  In the trees, though, especially those choked with brush after years without a fire, and parched with drought — well, it’s not a good thing.  Not at all.



Posted July 13, 2014 by stablewoman in Weather

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