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It was obvious, as I walked outside last night, that there was a new wildfire in the mountains.


It looked like a big one, and it turned out that it had already burned 800 acres.


The horses don’t care, as long as it’s a good long distance away, and there’s food to be had.  The air quality, though, was already showing signs of deterioration.


By the time the “supermoon” was rising, the color of the sky was showing change.


The media are calling it a “supermoon” because it’s unusually large and bright at the full.  There are supposed to be three this summer.  Funny how the moon always looks smaller through the camera . . .


The grey-lavender color of the sky was lovely.  Through the camera lens, the moon seemed slightly distorted by the air currents.


As it climbed out of the smoky zone, it grew clear and bright.


It made for a clear bright night, too, perfect for riding.  We had a lot of riders out enjoying the night, the team sorting across the river, and the comparative coolness.  It’s supposed to be back over 100 by tomorrow, so everyone’s enjoying the nineties while they last!



Posted July 12, 2014 by stablewoman in Around the Ranch

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