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There’s been hardly a horse — or pony — in here for days.  That’s because there’s been a heat wave.  When the temperature is over 105 for days on end, it’s really hard to get yourself out of the house and onto a hot hairy horse.  At least it is for me, unlike the truly dedicated riders out there.  I could get out there and take pictures of them, if I got up the gumption to stick my nose out of the door.

It was at least a little cooler yesterday.  I was outside long enough, once the sun was going down, to get little Bella up and give her a workout in the round pen.  She enjoyed herself immensely, dashing around in her usual roan rocket style.  On the way back, I asked boarder Jennifer to hold her for a minute while I took her picture.

It turned out well, considering the light was pretty low by that time.


When I downloaded the pictures and started to edit them, I suddenly realized . . . Bella was fat.

Bella was very fat.

Ordinarily, she’s trim for a pony.  Ponies are notoriously hard to keep from obesity.  They are small, and people tend to overfeed them.  Obviously, our feeding crew has been giving Bella more than her share of groceries.  I’ll have a word with them — and try to get her more exercise.  Obesity is not good for man or beast.

“Well?  It’s not my fault!”



The good thing about this weather is that it’s ideal for making hay.  And it’s time to buy ours.  We’re only getting 800 tons this year, as opposed to the thousand we got last year, because of the price of hay.  It’s still going for about three hundred dollars a ton — and that ain’t hay.

Sorry about that.


Posted July 11, 2014 by stablewoman in Bella, Horses

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  1. Bella is beautiful.

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