It’s Been a Long Time . . .   3 comments

. . . but a good one.  I just realized today that Billy and I have forgotten yet another anniversary.  As of July 5th — or was it the 6th? — we will have been married 43 years.

I guess this is one reason we’ve had such a happy marriage.  Neither one of us thinks much about birthdays or anniversaries.  There are so many more important things to keep track of.  Now if one partner does think these things are important and the other doesn’t — well, then, you’ve got a problem.

I remember thinking, with some astonishment, that I had been married more than half of my life.  That would have been in 1999.   Now it’s more like two-thirds.


Here we are in 1970.  I remember this shot well, because it was the first time he had ever hugged me.  Things tended to progress a lot slower in those days . . .

billynme1970 3

Don’t I look delighted?  I was.

It’s been a wonderful, if eventful, 43 years, and I wouldn’t trade with anyone.

Boy, were we skinny!


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3 responses to “It’s Been a Long Time . . .

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  1. Happy, belated, anniversary!

  2. You two were cute. Still are!

  3. I love seeing a picture of you both from 1970! My husband and I got married in 1969. Same year I graduated high school. The years sure have gone by fast!

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